Still sitting on the fence? Think your situation is unique? Want an honest perspective?

We know it can help to hear real experiences, so we kindly asked a handful of our current clients to give some feedback on how they have found their journey with us so far.

'I approached CD Exercise Physiology because I could feel my fitness had dropped away and as I approached 40 my muscle tone was disappearing. I had constant pain and injuries. I knew if I didn't do something soon it would continue to only get worse. I needed help and discipline, something regular and something that would push me to feel better and fitter. 

CD Exercise Physiology helped me by not only improving my physical fitness but also my mental fitness. I feel better in both body and mind. 

The result was changing my body shape. Clothes fit me better, in fact I dropped a dress size. Most importantly being able to use my new found strength in my daily life eg easily picking up heavy shopping bags, taking the stairs with ease. 

One thing I liked was his ability to continually push me without me even realizing. 

I found the experience life changing. Something I'll continue for the rest of my life. 

I would recommend Chris to people who need to invest in themselves. Working with him increases confidence and is the best thing I've ever done for myself. He is an exceptional trainer and his extensive qualifications, wealth of knowledge and ability to work around and then strengthen my weaknesses puts him a cut above other trainers.'

- Sarah, early 40's, Actor.

'I approached CD Exercise Physiology because I needed help with my training. I was able to watch the way that he interacted with his clients and observe the results that he was getting with them. I had always struggled to put on weight and was unsure of how to approach my exercise regime.

I had trained with other coaches before but without much success. After the first consultation with Chris I decided to jump into training and it has been the best decision that I have ever made. In the time that we have been training together I have put on 15 kilograms of muscle. This has made a huge difference to how I look and feel.

Chris's knowledge is second to none and I would recommend him to anyone that needs help with their exercise regime. It will be the best investment that you ever make.'

- Shaun, early 20's, Business Owner.

'I first started seeing Chris at Exercise Physiology, as I had lost some weight and wanted to tone and build strength.  I also had a pre-existing lower back injury which often played up and required me to see physio/chiro/osteo often.  Chris helped me by strengthening my core, which really assisted in my injury management, as well as teaching me techniques and stretches to alleviate and manage the pain.  I have been seeing Chris now for over 4 years, and rarely need treatment for my back injury.  I also had some problem areas which I needed to tone, and over the years I have achieved great results.  Also, I was not necessarily looking to lose any more weight, but have lost 8 kilos and toned my problem areas.  Chris is a great trainer, as he keeps me motivated, guides me with diet and nutrition, and works with me to ensure we get the results I am after.  I cannot recommend Chris at Exercise Physiology enough!'

- Dimitra, 40's, Hospitality Manager.

'From my experience it is rare to find someone who not only understands the physiology of the body and how it works but also makes the effort to understand the cognitive behaviour of the person themselves in order to motivate them to want to make a difference in their own lives.  This is particularly so when moving up the age ladder!

At 53 I was over 100kg, had big problems with one of my knees, high blood pressure, diabetes and life was not enjoyable.  Then I started working with Chris, owner of CD Exercise Physiology.

At 55, I am less than 100kg, have no problems with my knee, normal blood pressure, non- diabetic range for all my blood readings and above average bone density.  For the first time in a long time I am committed to my training and wanting to make a difference to my health.

That is not a promise that Chris makes, that is the reality he assists in creating.  I am a big fan and will be continuing with him for as long as I can.

Without hesitation, I highly recommend Chris at CD Exercise Physiology to anyone who struggles with their weight, is impacted by injury and pain or desires to feel or train better.  You won’t find a better investment in and for your health!'

- Gaye, 55, Transport Manager.

'I was introduced to Chris three years ago through a friend because I had said that I am looking for a personal trainer. After meeting Chris and talking to him I felt completely comfortable with him, when we started training together he rebuilt my confidence to train again. He helped me to tone up and increase my strength through lifting weights, one of the many things I like about him is his knowledge and his training technique. When I first started I was over weight for my height and frame and due to this amazing mans help along with my determination, I have managed to lose weight and tone up.

I am still training with Chris three years later and I would most definitely recommend him to anybody who is looking for a personal trainer, health coach or exercise physiologist, to me he is not just my trainer anymore, he is definitely a friend.'

- Ian, 40's, Office Administration.

'I have been a client of Chris Dounis' since undergoing obesity surgery and seeking to improve my fitness and functionality and health.  I needed a professional who is skilled at developing an exercise program that would assist me in managing my weight, my Type 1 diabetes and a number of medical conditions including arthritis and adhesive capsulitis AND help me enjoy the process.

I attended a few gyms, met with a few exercise physiologists and then met Chris. Chris’ understanding of my situation, his knowledge, his personality and sense of humour put me instantly at ease. I enjoy working with Chris and am pleased with the results that I am achieving.

I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for a professional, knowledgeable, skilled, understanding and PATIENT practitioner!'

- Sean, 50's, IT Support Manager